Two Global Eyes

Our Concept

Two Global Eyes is an all-embracing, multi-perspective approach to corporate improvement. It resolves problems and capitalizes on opportunities by treating the total system. Optimum balance and alignment is achieved by:

  • Focusing on the client’s business objectives without losing sight of the core values and principles.
  • Keeping one eye internally-focused (strengths, competencies, assets, resources), and one eye on the external setting (customers, competitors, suppliers, technology).
  • Simultaneously viewing all aspects of operations in order to fully integrate production processes, management processes and human behaviour.

Our Approach

Two Global Eyes enables companies to DO MORE WITH LESS, helping them achieve their business goals by streamlining and integrating their processes.

Two Global Eyes
 is OPERATIONS-FOCUSED and doesn’t develop strategy. However, we ensure that all operations/process improvements are aligned with the client’s goals, strategies and environment.

Two Global Eyes follows a HANDS-ON approach. We ensure that the improvement activities get done by working face-to-face with the client at all levels in the office, in the field and on the shop floor. Active involvement of the client’s people, without distracting them from their normal day-to-day responsibilities, overcomes employee resistance, expedites the transfer of skills and enables the long-term sustainability of installations.

Two Global Eyes develops CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS. We tailor the solution to suit the client’s unique situation. Our first step is to review the client’s business. This may involve analyses to determine the underlying factors and the root causes of the issues facing the client (see Process Reviews).

Two Global Eyes proposes cost-effective solutions based on the current stage of the client’s lifecycle, its requirements, its financial situation and technology already existing in the client organization. The underlying premise is that all companies can make BETTER USE OF WHAT ALREADY EXISTS, and in most cases, needn’t incur additional capital expenditure to improve profitability. Clients save money and streamline their operations through the avoidance of unnecessary functionality.

Two Global Eyes understands the important ROLE OF TECHNOLOGY in corporate performance. Experience has shown us that inappropriate application of IT puts companies in a weakened competitive position. Overinvestment in technology is detrimental to the bottom line. Not only does it excessively increase the company’s capital expenditure, but it also adds to the complexity of running the company, forcing the company to cope with greater amounts of unnecessary data.


Our Core Values


Core values are centred around honouring God-respecting people (employees, clients, suppliers), serving the community and protecting the natural environment.