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Strategic Alignment:

  • Keeping one eye on PURPOSE and one eye on OPERATIONS.
  • Sabbath—taking stock frequently
  • The language that describes the purpose and method by which the design achieves it is called the TRUTH

Interactive Operations:

  • Maintaining an integrated view of the Production Process, the Management Process and the People Factor.

Aristotle: The whole is greater than the sum of the parts

Tailormade Management Operating System:

  • Continuously LOOKING AHEAD and LOOKING BACK ensures optimal execution.
  • Schedule is the pivot around which the system turns
  • The purpose and values of the creator determines the design of the system
  • installing software not ideally suited to operations, increases the complexity, forcing the company to cope with greater amounts of unnecessary data
  • the more flexible the process or the greater the range of prdts/svcs, the greater the adaptability of the sched tool
  • Root Cause analysis for execution control
  • Develop the correct KPIs
  • Scheduling tool not the same as a planning tool: scheduler requires analytical and predictive capabilities whereas planning tool entirely predictive

Continuous Improvement: 

  • Balancing INTERNAL points of view with EXTERNAL perspectives.
  • Build in a change mechanism
  • Actus: Potentia Polarity
  • Plant the seed and water it
  • The perfect system redeems itself from within itself

Our Approach:

  • Operations-focused: not strategy but align with your corporate values and org goals
  • Hands-on: face-to-face with staff without distracting from day-to-day responsibilities; whether remotely or on-site
  • Ask the right questions; identify root causes; Einstein: The formulation of the problem is often more essential than its solution
  • Your people know more about your process than anyone else: to develop best responses
  • On-the-job training of your staff for sustainability once we leave
  • Procedurize and document
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